What is Aloha Picnic?

To Akiko Matsuura, the founder and designer of Aloha Picnic, a Parsons graduate and former fashion stylist agent, “aloha” means more than a greeting word for “hello” and “goodbye”. It is a way of life, embracing and celebrating what we have and where we are in life, enjoying and appreciating it truthfully, and sharing it with others with love and compassion.

For her, “picnic” represents a happy, fun and relaxing time that bonds people.

Aloha Picnic, a Brooklyn-based brand, was born to create clothes that wrap you, protect you and set you free to be what you choose to be, and to connect and be connected with people via clothes to promote kindness to oneself, to others and the nature, which as a result hopefully makes this world a better place if we practice and do our best to repeat it every day.  

Aloha Picnic thrives to conduct business in a kind, fun, easy and eco-friendly manner as much as possible.  We hope this resonates with people of today and tomorrow; the people who make time to care for himself/herself, the loved ones and people around them.

The Mother Nature provide us inspirations for our collection.

Like poems for poet, songs for musician, recipes for chef, vegetables and fruits for farmer, clothes are our vehicle to tell our stories.  We make them from our heart and let the seasons and the nature guide us in our endeavor.